Property Investments

Our firm has identified that there are very few accounting firms with the ability to offer sound property investing advice specific to a client’s needs.  We fill this void by providing innovative strategies to help our clients build and maximise their wealth through property investing.


Our specialist staff provide unique taxation advice specifically for property investors and tailored to individual needs.

We have strategic alliances and associations with financial professionals including Mortgage Brokers, Quantity Surveyors and Solicitors to assist your investing needs.  We refer as an independent business and receive no commission from these alliances.  Our aim is to ensure that you receive quality advice from any consultant referred by our firm.

Ultimately we aim to help our clients think more strategically about their investment properties, to increase their rate of success in achieving their desired outcomes.

Many accountants thumb their noses at investing in property, discouraging their clients from investing in the property market, as they have a vested interest (“Commisssions”) in advising client’s to invest in shares and managed funds.

Cortex Business Accountants provides the complete solution to your ultimate wealth portfolio creation!

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Investment structuring advice
  • Advice regarding Commercial & Residential Properties
  • Advice and structure setups to purchase property overseas
  • Asset protection through the use of:
    • Discretionary Trusts
    • Unit Trusts
    • Joint Ventures
  • Loan structuring advice
  • Debt minimisation strategies
  • Property taxation returns
  • Use of self-managed super funds to purchase property
  • Advanced taxation planning
  • Business restructuring  to suit your property investing activities
  • Capital gains tax minimisation strategies


Financing your investing activities correctly is a must and this is one area most investors get wrong!

Whether you choose to use one of our closely affiliated mortgage brokers or your own existing financier, Cortex Business Accountants can work closely with them to ensure you achieve the most appropriate finance strategy available to you, ultimately saving you thousands!

Our Specialist Accountants will examine the type of loan you have for your investment property and report on its tax effectiveness and, in some cases, suggest necessary changes to improve your bottom line.

If you wish to speak to one of our affiliated brokers please contact us.